The Inky Writer began writing seriously about eight years ago.  An ageing caravan on the forecourt of her home, became her writing haven. She later did an OU degree level 2 course in creative writing and a course at the University of East Anglia and the caravan was replaced with a room.  She is also a musician, teaching piano and ‘cello and composes music.  She has been known to perform as a pianist to small audiences in cold churches and warm drawing rooms, but is happier behind her pen than on a concert platform.

The Inky Writer is learning the difference between thinking constructively about her work and procrastination.  The clue to the difference lies in the sudden importance of baking cakes.  Cakes, after all, can be baked at the end of the writing process, when words have erased the blank page, but procrastination will tell her that they must be cooked now.

Her current writing projects are ‘The Silent Room’ which began as a short story and is developing into a novel.  There are a number of poems that draw from nature, that she would like to develop into a collection.

She wonders if it might be interesting to know some of the books that have inspired her.  Here is the beginning of a list:

Home – by Marilynne Robinson

On Chesil Beach – by Ian McKewan

The Brothers Karamazov – by Dostoyevsky

Miss Garnet’s Angel – Sally Vickers

Short stories by Flannery O’Connor (she’s unsure why this great American writers is so little known in England)

Short stories by Raymond Carver

Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

The Psalms


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